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Shrouded Wood

Oath Base Game · OATH-255

When traveling from here, the Travel cost is 2 Supply, and you ignore the Narrow Pass and The Hidden Place powers. If an enemy rules here, you travel to the site of the ruler's choice (Chancellor's choice if ruled by the Empire), even if another player is making you travel.

Card Capacity: 2

Defense: 1

Standard DeckSiteTravel

Q: If someone forces me to travel away from here and I rule this site, do I get to choose where to go?

A: No. The power of the Shrouded Wood applies when an enemy rules it, not when you rule it.

Q: If someone forces me to travel away from here and a different enemy rules this site, do they get to choose where I go?

A: Yes!

Q: If the Chancellor is Decadent and travels from this site to a Hinterland site, how many Supply does this cost?

A: Three. The base Travel cost is two, and Decadent adds one more.

Q: What happens if I want to travel from here, but the bandits rule this site?

A: Travel as normal. This site text needs a small errata, changing ‘enemy’ to ‘enemy player.’

Q: How does this work if the Clockwork Prince rules it?

A: Under Limited Powers, travel as normal. Under Expanded Powers, your desination is chosen by the player with discretion, as described in Expanded Powers.

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