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Leaders and Lore ยท ARCS-LEAD10

Ruthless. Once per turn, when you tax any city or build a ship at a starport, you may hit the building to take that action again with it. If you destroy a Loyal city, you Provoke Outrage. (If you destroy a Rival city, Provoke Outrage and Ransack the Court.)

Hated. In setup, scrap 2 Loyal ships and 3 Loyal agents. (Return them to the box.)

Leaders and LoreLeader

Q: Can I tax a city once per turn and build a ship in the same turn to use Ruthless twice?

A: Each turn, you can only tax or build a ship with Ruthless, not both.

Q: If a city is destroyed with Ruthless, when do I provoke Outrage?

A: When you destroy a city to tax, you first provoke outrage, then gain the resource from taxing.

Q: Does Ruthless give me an extra actions, or do the bonus activations of a city or startport counting against my total action pips?

A: Hitting the building is an extra action. You don't have to spend an action pip.

Q: Can I use Ruthless to hit a building even if I do not gain a resource or cannot build a ship?

A: Yes, you may hit a building to tax or build even if the action yields nothing.

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