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Arcs Base Game · ARCS-LEAD04

Ambitious. When you declare an ambition, you may gain any resource. (You must declare the ambition before taking any actions, including Prelude actions from resources.)

Callow. You can only tax Loyal cities if you control them.


Q: If you are the Upstart, have Empath's Bond, and Empath is declared, can you tax a loyal city that you do not control?

A: The "any" in Empath's Bond should be interpreted as "non-Loyal," and Callow should be rephrased to “You cannot tax cities that you do not control.” As a result, Empath's Bond when active only gives the Upstart the ability to use Rival starports to build and Catapult move.


• To clarify how it interacts with other card abilities, the Callow ability should read: “You cannot tax cities that you do not control.”

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