Advanced Syntax Games

Believer Act II Resolution

Blighted Reach ยท ARCS-F824

Record all Ideals on your log sheet.

If you completed your objective:

1. If you have The Young Light (16), scrap it and gain The Prophet (25). Otherwise, scrap The Prophet (25).

2. Scrap Secret Order (26), Set Lay Doctrine (27), and Repressed Faith (28).

If you failed your objective:

1. Scrap all Ideal markers not on ambitions.

2. Scrap The Prophet (25).

3. Add Secret Order (26) to the Court deck.

4. Scrap Set Doctrine (21) and Doctrinal Faith (23) from the rules booklet, and add Set Lay Doctrine (27) and Repressed Faith (28) to it. Explain them to everyone.

Act: 2

Blighted ReachResolutionBeliever

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