Advanced Syntax Games

Spreading the Faith

Blighted Reach · ARCS-F803

Teach (Influence): Scrap the bottom non-Event action card from the discard pile. (Continue past Events.) If you do, attach the top Faithful action card from its stack to a Guild card in the Court whose suit matches a planet with a Loyal city.

Once you're familiar with this, you can tuck this card partially under your Faithful action card stack to save space.

Act: 1

Blighted ReachAbilityBeliever

Q: If we are playing with split discard piles, where do I scrap from?

A: The facedown pile. If there is none, shuffle the face-up pile to form a facedown pile first.


• The Teach action should have the attach and scrap sentences swapped. You cannot scrap unless you attach.

This tool created by Seiyria.