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Green Vault

Blighted Reach ยท ARCS-F2002

When you take Material or Fuel, you may place it in your Captives. (Even if you're taking for the Imperial Trust!)

Material and Fuel in your Captives are frozen. (They add to both Tyrant and Tycoon, and they return to the supply if Tyrant is scored.)

Act: 3

Blighted ReachLoreGuardian

Q: What happens to the Material and Fuel on Green Vault when Tyrant is scored?

A: They are returned to the general supply.

Q: What happens if this is transferred with Knowledge Set Free or scrapped from the Caretaker Act III Objective?

A: Your resources in your Captives box are still Captives, but they are no longer frozen.

This tool created by Seiyria.